“Pocket in Red’s music is outstanding! I feel Pocket in Red is a band that is going places and their song ‘What You Need’ is currently in the # 12spot on the Music World Radio Listeners’ Chart. I know they deliver a powerful show when playing live. You are the real deal guys! Keep on Rocking to the Top!”

Dave MacArthur – Pirate Radio (USA)

“Every time I listen to a new band,I champ at the bit. I wonder if it will be able to awake even the slightest feeling in me. This is what I’ve missed. Technical part is not important to those who love music. Nevertheless, Pocket in Red has nothing to envy compared to world class bands. Nowadays, technology gives a chance of a nice sound to any decent band. But this band is exceptional. The connection to Depeche Mode is obvious, even not indicated. Solid, melodic sound, with a well-hidden rock mood that never overcomes the pop feel and melody. I put all of their tracks in my playlist and I’d be glad to play them all on air. “Free Again” took me away with its’ lyrics and melody. I felt sad, I smiled, I turned the volume up, i memorized the words, I let it play on the repeat. And that’s what matters. It’s all about awakening feelings”

John Kouloukakos – Troll Radio (Greece)

“Recently on Gashouse Live we came across a band from Brussels, Belgium called Pocket In Red. If you didn’t catch that episode, do yourself a favor and sample some  of their music right now. These songs are very catchy. That being said, to add the word “pop” would be a disservice to the band. Their sound is so large, and their music is so intricate that it’s hard to lump them into the pop category. Extremely talented musicians. Free again, currently in our Top 10 Countdown, has all the makings of a radio hit. It’s actually difficult to pinpoint which type of station this song would dominate. The entire album is very easy to listen to on repeat. If that weren’t enough, I’ve read nothing but good things about their live performance. Apparently they have a hell of a stage show. I’ve not yet seen any tour dates in the US, but if they end up in the northeast, Gashouse Radio will be there.”

Dustin Dellinger – Gashouse Radio (USA)

“Pocket in Red deal in the kind of electronic rock that made Depeche Mode superstars. The band’s songwriting is melodic but retains a melancholic edge that keeps the music from straying into more commercial pop territories. Stand out track “What You Need” demonstrates their mix of electronic music and rock to great effect. Definitely a band to keep an eye on. ”

Marcus Carter – Radio Andra (Sweden)